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Top Snacks

Because I only had 17 on my mind..

17. You-hoo - ultimate bribery tool.

16. Canned peas. Yup, by the spoonful for my baby. And results in split pea poop. 
15. Fruit snacks. No, not real fruit for a snack. But the kind that look like rubber. Trader Joe’s or target brands. 
14. Scrambled eggs - basic.
13. Flour tortillas either plain or with sandwich fixins, melted cheese
12. Ice Cream Cone AKA Chobani "gimmes" frozen yogurt sticks to be eaten like a popsicle straight from the freezer
11. Pouch (from aldi, 4oz squeeze applesauce)
10. Bamba - or anything peanut butter

9. Animal Crackers - only in the giant teddy bear plastic container that my child climbs on the table to play with
8. TJ Chocolate Cat Cookies - less unhealthy version of cookies
7. "Flat" Cheese (this is plain, flat American cheese slices)
6. Pasta with parve butter - preferably small and easy to pick up with pincer grip
5. Candy - AKA Craisins or raisins or prunes
4. Pies - AKA Veggie Stix AKA "fries"
3. Banana - plain and simple
2. Clementines or canned mandarins
1. Lox - yes, it's my kids' favorite but it's hella expensive. Limit this option as much as possible, even if your husband is a caterer and has stock. My kids could eat a16oz pack in one sitting, and I am not exaggerating).

What easy and accessible foods do your kids love?

Love and laughter,


Unknown said…
Here are our favorite snacks right now!
Cheese sticks
Bell pepper slices
All the leftover Girl Scout cookies from my niece’s sale this year (let’s be real that’s actually my favorite snack)
Nut butter rolled in shredded coconut (also a fun activity)
Cereal. More cereal. All the cereal.

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