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No Power No Problem

Yesterday was our second Shabbat since social distancing became the new norm. To top it off, it rained all day and we were unable to take our kids outside. Okay, we can handle that, right? It’s family time, tacos, ice cream, singing together... it’s actually quite lovely for me because while my husband is still lucky enough to have work, I’m alone all week with my two babies. This means that on Shabbat, I’ve got a partner to clean the little potty that my daughter now uses, to feed the baby in his high chair, put toys away, or do a round of dishes... What we were not expecting was to be locked inside for 25 hours and then lose electricity on Saturday morning. It started with a few weird sparks in the lamp.. we knew something weird was going on. Though it didn’t seem windy outside, anything is possible. We live near a major road that connects the suburbs to the city; we are accustomed to PECO trucks being in the back fixing power lines and transformers, or whatever it is they do when th

Socially Distanced (from Passover)

I’m not the woman who shops for Passover when the items hit the shelves. It’s February or early March and I can’t even figure out what my kids are eating the next day for lunch. But Passover? We know the menu, friends. Stop pretending like this will be the year you try something new. I’m the woman who goes shopping for essentials the weekend prior, no matter what day the holiday will fall on, and perhaps another quick late night run within 48 hours of the holiday. I just can’t clean nor think that far in advance. And this was how I functioned before marrying a caterer who cooks everything, too.  This year, however, I felt the stress. Will there be enough of anything to carry us through April? Will we be allowed to leave our homes at ALL by then? Something came over me. I went shopping two weeks prior to the holiday. I took an outing sans children, blasted music in my car, and even splurged by buying terra chips. I ventured to my old stomping ground. Cherry Hill Shoprite is always stoc

Put on Some Makeup!

There are plenty of people who will tell you that they aren't wearing makeup while home during this peculiar time of self-quarantine. Forget makeup - what about those staying in PJs all day or better yet- neglecting to brush your hair? As my toddler says.. no no no no no. I strongly believe that if I don't shower every day, I end up feeling like a lesser happy version of myself. I need to feel clean, refreshed, and new by taking a morning shower - I've been this way my whole life! If necessary can wait until the kids nap at lunch time if I have to, but morning is preferable if my husband is home and able to let me sneak a few minutes to myself. I also need eyebrows. Yes - I need to use makeup to enhance my eyebrows, to look human. In my opinion, lack of eye brows leads to a completely lack-luster sense of self. See example below. I have very few people to see during these days. Maybe I'll FaceTime/Zoom with friends, colleagues, or family. Maybe my daughter has her w

Homebodies: Unite

When people say "go to your happy place," do you imagine your bed? I do. There is no place I'd rather be than home, and most likely in bed eating a snack. It's just my reality, guys. My husband will say the beach, as many would. I get it - the sound of the waves, the sand in your toes... and then the clean up when you leave the beach and you find a couple grains of sand in your ear 2 weeks later. I do get cabin fever occasionally on long breaks like winter break or a week-long Jewish holiday (one in the fall, one in the spring). But even with that, I will choose my bed and netflix or a good book over going out, 99% of the time. So basically, COVID-19 has been testing me daily.... will I still love being here after a few more weeks? Months? When I realize the cleaning lady can’t return and dust is rapidly gathering?  If you want to challenge me and compromise my lifelong personal happy place, just put me in my house 24/7 with two miniature humans and see if I can clean

Top Snacks

Because I only had 17 on my mind.. 17. You-hoo - ultimate bribery tool. 16. Canned peas. Yup, by the spoonful for my baby. And results in split pea poop.  15. Fruit snacks. No, not real fruit for a snack. But the kind that look like rubber. Trader Joe’s or target brands.  14. Scrambled eggs - basic. 13. Flour tortillas either plain or with sandwich fixins, melted cheese 12. Ice Cream Cone AKA Chobani "gimmes" frozen yogurt sticks to be eaten like a popsicle straight from the freezer 11. Pouch (from aldi, 4oz squeeze applesauce) 10. Bamba - or anything peanut butter 9. Animal Crackers - only in the giant teddy bear plastic container that my child climbs on the table to play with 8. TJ Chocolate Cat Cookies - less unhealthy version of cookies 7. "Flat" Cheese (this is plain, flat American cheese slices) 6. Pasta with parve butter - preferably small and easy to pick up with pincer grip 5. Candy - AKA Craisins or raisins or prunes 4. Pies - AKA V

Discouraged for a Moment

So I’m here, living and breathing in the thick of what everyone else is also going through and I’m writing this blog now. A blog that is intended to uplift readers, make them laugh, and basically remind everyone that this too shall pass...lo ok deep down inside yourself and be positive. Because you know...  tracht gut, vet zein gut. But is it realistic? Yesterday I was up to my ears in frustration. My toddler was at an all time #terribletwo for reacting to probably not getting enough attention. I’m spoiled by my daughter being a legit angel and I’m well aware it is atypical, so she was probably doing what most kids do when they act their age...hit their baby siblings with a lego, dump out a bin of toys, PUT HER BODY THROUGH THE SINK OF HER PLAY KITCHEN AND GET STUCK... I wasn’t sure I had the capacity to keep my voice down. In fact, I know I didn’t because I found myself yelling multiple times. I’m not proud of it.  But my husband came home around 6pm and my kids were being cute a

I Will Not Complain

I promise. The point of this post is not to complain, because I really do have a happy ending. There is a positive twist to all of this craziness, for me at least. Homeschooling. Distance learning. Zoom conferencing. Endless piles of laundry, dishes, phone calls, bills, mouths to feed all day. Cabin fever. Youtube frenzy. We consider ourselves lucky if we can find time to shower everyday. Am I running out of coffee? Milk? The baby's dairy-free yogurt? Kosher meat? Obviously, toilet paper is a hot commodity. If you're a parent with children ages 0-18, you know what I'm talking about. It's the almost the end of March, 2020, and COVID-19 is attacking our society like wild fire. We haven't had one legit snow day in Philadelphia this year, and now we're home on a never ending snow day/winter break/babysitting/sick day/personal day situation. That's right. Your kids are home, you are home, and no one is allowed to leave the house. This is a situation that cou