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The Cleanest Kids Since COVID19

Bath time with my two babies simultaneously. It's always been a struggle for me. #twoundertwo "Just throw them in the tub!" "Give them a bath to pass the time!" "Oh, just let them play in there, it's so much FUN!" These are frequent lines from people (people who aren't me) that have not actually witnessed my baby being body-slammed by my toddler in an innocent effort to show him her "baby shark" act. These are from people who feel badly for my long and exhausting days, who just want to offer a suggestion that in theory seems FUN, but in reality is HELL. I hate the shape of my kid's bathroom vanity and how it prevents me from being near both of them at all times. I hate that my 2 year old is a little more sturdy and aggressive during play, so she drowns out my 1 year old with a cup of water. I hate how my baby is learning to walk and when he stands up in the tub, all I can imagine is him slipping and hitting his head on the

I Deserve This Break

I could be a millionaire by now if I had a dollar for every person who posted it’s their first time making a Seder this year, first time not traveling to a Pesach Program, or first time cleaning their home for chametz. Well let me just introduce myself and tell you that this is the first time I’m NOT hosting, I’m NOT cooking, and I’m NOT feeling guilty about it! Most of my life I was at the Seder table with my family. My mom would cook most of the food and I’d enjoy helping a bit. It was an opportunity for spring cleaning and freshening up. When I got married, I became the Pesach host for my husbands extended family, given that as observant Jews we could not go to anyone else’s house but we could host it ourselves. We took the tradition from our mothers and began hosting. This year would have marked our  3 year anniversary in our home (4 years hosting) - and our first time that we won’t be with all of the family. It’s surreal and strange.  Passover and my husbands birthday alwa

What the Heck am I Doing?

Unchartered territory. Staying at home full time for that mom gig wasn't what I imagined I’d be doing with two babies only 1 year apart in age. I mean, I do have a job that I love, and am still working from home. But not being a SAHM is why I pay for preschool. Nonetheless, here I am. Here WE are, guys. I literally flip-flop between two people. I am either the happiest mother on earth, or I am the most frustrated person you've ever met. The frustrated Amanda only lasts for about 10-30 minutes. It's when no one is listening to me, everyone is crying, and I look around and realize how messy my house is. Then the kids take a nap/go to bed, and I realize I can fix a lot of the messes.  The happy-as-a-mother person is real. It's 100% raw, real, true and happy love. I let my kids crawl all over me while I do my back stretches on the floor. I feed my baby peas from a can on a spoon even though he can feed himself. I’m kvelling every time he almost takes his first steps. I