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Put on Some Makeup!

There are plenty of people who will tell you that they aren't wearing makeup while home during this peculiar time of self-quarantine. Forget makeup - what about those staying in PJs all day or better yet- neglecting to brush your hair? As my toddler says.. no no no no no.

I strongly believe that if I don't shower every day, I end up feeling like a lesser happy version of myself. I need to feel clean, refreshed, and new by taking a morning shower - I've been this way my whole life! If necessary can wait until the kids nap at lunch time if I have to, but morning is preferable if my husband is home and able to let me sneak a few minutes to myself. I also need eyebrows. Yes - I need to use makeup to enhance my eyebrows, to look human. In my opinion, lack of eye brows leads to a completely lack-luster sense of self. See example below.

I have very few people to see during these days. Maybe I'll FaceTime/Zoom with friends, colleagues, or family. Maybe my daughter has her weekly zoom session with fellow 2 year olds (yep, it's as cute as it is ridiculous). Maybe the plumber came to fix my dishwasher because it smelled like rotten eggs. Whatever it is, we must maintain our dignity and still be the best version of ourselves. The first few days at home were nice to just stay in PJs all day, but now I've upgraded to exercise clothes. I haven't exercised once yet while home with my kids and working simultaneously, but we can all have goals, right? And let's be serious..a little blush never killed anyone, but COVID-19 could. So do yourself a favor and make yourself the best you can be, every day.

Love and laughter,
With eyebrows.
Without eyebrows.


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